Company Information

  • Company Name: Convirt (Pty) Ltd
  • Company Address: 34 Liverpool Street, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Registration Number: 2006/038739/07
  • VAT No: 4960242446
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 021 007 1893

Management Directory

● Izak Johann Potgieter, Chief Executive Officer
● Louis Francois Theron, Chief Technology Officer

Company Overview

Convirt is a South African based company, specialising in software solutions for the construction industry. Our roots can be traced back to Cape Town, where we opened our first development office in 2014. We have since established ourselves as one of the leading software companies in the Southern African construction industry, and we boast some of South Africa’s largest construction companies as clients. We predominantly focus on management problems, and our software solutions aim to optimise the control that you have over your business’ data.

Staff complement

We pride ourselves in employing only the best engineers. Our team offers a wide range of expertise, including civil engineers, optimisation experts, electrical engineers and IT professionals. Two of the members of our team hold PhD’s in Civil Engineering Informatics, and several of our engineers have international experience.

Our Solution

Our flagship product, Lula Build, is a state of the art web-platform specifically designed for project teams who need to collaboratively manage and control the budgets of complex construction projects. It not only facilitates the development of competitive estimates for project bidding, but also helps project managers ensure that they stay within budget during project execution. No other construction estimation tool boasts the same combination of features and customisation options as Lula Build. It will not only help you truly understand your construction costs, but it will also dramatically reduce the time and effort required to track and communicate this budget with the rest of your project team. With cloud based data storage and real-time reporting functionality, collaboration between your head office and construction sites has never been easier. Lula Build will enable your team to proactively manage construction projects on a level never before imagined possible.

Why Lula Build

With the construction industry becoming increasingly saturated, contractors require greater cost awareness and control than ever before. Lula Build’s detailed approach to cost estimation provides contractors with an unprecedented level of control over their project finances. Having the ability to calculate the true cost of construction, makes it possible to gain a competitive edge by achieving larger margins than competitors. With Lula Build’s focus on information reuse, it is possible to standardise an organisation’s estimation procedures, increasing consistency from one project to the next. Sharing these estimates with all team members, will increase transparency and cost awareness across all levels of management. Combining this with real-time access to progress reports and forecasts, enable project teams to shorten their response times and proactively manage their risks. Lula Build, along with your experienced team, will steer your projects to success, with greater consistency and profitability than ever before.

What Sets Us Apart

Convirt offers modern, easy to use software systems that are at the cutting edge of technology. Lula Build leverages both web and cloud technologies to stand apart in an industry dominated by old software systems that are cumbersome to use. We understand the importance of not only having a deep understanding of the problem domain, but also prioritising user experience when designing our solutions. Combining the skills of our specialised team with state of the art technology has allowed us to achieve this. We can therefore provide customers with simple solutions to complex problems – a claim that none of our competitors can make.