Lula Build v0.9 released


We are thrilled to announce that the new cloud version of Lula Build has finally reached beta stage. The much loved Lula Build Desktop, launched in 2015, has received a major upgrade and is now available as a cloud application accessible from all web enabled devices. Designed with collaboration in mind, the new Lula Build will allow project teams to work together on a level never before imagined possible. With mobile support and cloud based data storage, real-time collaboration between project sites and head office has finally become a reality. In addition to these benefits, the core estimation modules of Lula Build have also received a major overhaul. The introduction of resource attributes, bill attributes, and a user defined measurement system has transformed Lula Build into the most customisable cost estimation platform in the world. Sign up now, and experience the future of construction management first hand!


Lula Build v1.0.0 released


We are excited to announce that Lula Build has finally reached V1.0.0. After extensive field testing and user feedback, we are confident that Lula Build Cloud can now be used successfully on any and all construction projects. By introducing cloud and web technologies to cost estimation and construction management, users can now finally experience the power of collaboration and real time information flow on their construction sites. Get started today, and join the new construction digital revolution!


Lula Build v1.1.0 released


The Lula Build team is happy to announce the release of V1.1.0. The highlight feature of this release is a two way integration into both Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

It is now possible to generate a schedule of activities directly from Lula Build by the click of a button. Activity durations and resource assignments will automatically be extracted from the estimate, ensuring data consistency between estimators and planners.

Scheduled project plans can be imported back into Lula Build, to gain insight into the bill quantity distribution over time. Estimators can use this data to forecast both their future resource and cash flow requirements.

Planning your projects has never been easier!